Family Guy The Quest for Stuff MOD APK 1.76.0

First up let me just say that of course people are going to compare Family Guy the quest for stuff MOD APK to the simpsons tapped out. they are both based on popular television shows they are both city-building simulators they both even have pretty much the exact same free-to-play model one major difference when it comes to comparing this family guy game to the simpsons tapped out is the humor. whereas the simpsons tapped out is aimed more of a general audience. MOD APK family guys the quest for stuff much like the cartoon series is specifically aimed at an older audience.

So to all the parents out there who let their children play the simpsons tapped out i’d probably be thinking twice about letting them play this. family guy game the humor much like the television show can be crude and offensive at times not to mention the games animations which complement the humour of family guy down to a tee what it boils down to is whether or not you enjoy family guy’s humor.
At the beginning of the game you’re treated to an epic battle between Peter and the giant chicken leaving / hog and ruins and you have caused the task with rebuilding Quahog in your own image you of course are given the standard tools of the trade from buildings to roads trees stop signs to the oftentimes funny inhabitants of Quahog Family Guy quiz, you will be using Family Guy The Quest fo Stuff MOD APK so you are gonna get Lots of money and free purchase thing in your MOD APK GAME. gameplay has a little bit of depth to and while it may be nothing more than just to try and get you to actually spend real world cash playing the patient’s game. actually felt a little less tedious due to the fact that you could actually zoom right out of the map that made navigate in the small town of Quahog a little bit easier when it came to tapping on buildings and characters.
Speaking of the buildings and characters they orbit like they’ve been lifted directly from the cartoon series but that’s what you’d expect from a game with such close ties to its source material as far as character dollar goes. of course all the sound bits are taken from the television show and for me when it comes to a game like this I’m perfectly fine with that but as more interested to find out was the way they handled the dialog boxes, those boxes of text to convey character dialogue in some games have come across is so wordy that I’ve just ended up having straight through them without even reading a single line.

What’s In The MOD APK:
– Free Store
– Free Premium Items
– Free Character Action Skipping

Features :-
-no Root
-100% working mod.
-working in All devices.
-anti-ban enabled.
-Rann God Mod Enabled.

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